OCD Tips — Excessive Compulsive Disorder

I would like to share some OCD Tips and resource materials that I have found very useful.  Let's look at some of the symptoms of OCD.
  • Checking things are done
  • Having to count or say something over and over again
  • Washing hands extensively
  • Stuck thoughts like, "What if I touch this pencil? Will something bad happen?
  • Another sign is rituals like having to do things perfectly or be very neat.  Boy, that towel better hang evenly on the rack!
An observer or parent may start to think, "Wow this is starting to look more and more like a serious mental illness".  I know because I felt panicked that anxiety was taking over my daughter and it was becoming more clear.  It's OK to feel those feelings and actually quite normal at first until you have the tools to help your child.    Once you have the tools and start to use them, you will feel more in control! Below I have recommended two books. Let's go over why I like them. A Workbook for Teens with Excessive Compulsive Disorder OCD Tips The first book Free From OCD: A workbook for Teens with Excessive Compulsive Disorder, goes into how to recognize stuck thoughts and rituals, tracking your OCD, recognizing your triggers and the one I love - identifying your irrational thoughts. It helps to know when your OCD is more triggered. If it is before school and at bedtime because you are thinking about school, then you can investigate what is going on at school that is triggering your OCD. It could be that the work load is too much and talking to teachers about modifying the work load might help. It could be peer pressure, changing schools, lack of friends. Knowing the thoughts before a ritual begins helps to realize what you are truly worried about so you can take action to end your worries and rituals. This book goes into depth with exercises. Even if your child is not a teenager, you can help them with the exercises and begin to put an end to OCD. OCD TipsThe second book "What To Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck" explains OCD to your child and gives tools to use with exercises. The book is easy to read. I recommend to start with this book and use the other one for a more in depth approach. Both theories are based on CBT,  Cognitive Behavioural Technique.  I have a magazine The Anxious Child discussing that very topic and how to use it.  The link to the magazine The Anxious Child is http://anxietyandschool.org/sample-page/.  To buy the CBT edition go to the magazine at the bottom of the blog.  Also meet Dr. Shure and learn about her I can problem solve technique. Please leave your comments of what you think of my article.  You can contact me directly on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Anxietyandschool if you have any questions or my opinion on techniques to try. The first three editions of The Anxious Child are the techniques that I that used to help my daughter and I know they work.  It is a three step program and only costs just under $10.  Find my magazines at http://anxietyandschool.org/sample-page/.    
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