Homeschooling and anxiety is it a good idea?

  Mom home schooling Homeschooling and anxiety is it a good idea is a question that I have gone over in my head many a time! With a child that is anxious and unable to leave your side, it only seems logical to send them to school to foster some independence. But what if you can't get an aid in the classroom? What if you have to declare your child as having a chronic mental health illness to get enough aid hours? With homeschooling are you sheltering your child too much and they will not survive to the fast pace world as an adult? What if something happens to you and you become ill? What if you work full-time and homeschooling is a possibility but things would be tight? Lots of questions to think about. Let's look at anxiety first. We need to remember to take baby steps. If going to school is too much, break it down into a more gradual entry then just one week. We are trying to make going to school a doable thing for a child with a hidden disability. If just going for 10 minutes is a good place to start, slowly increase the time. If it takes a month, don't rush it! Rushing may cause a set back and you will lose most of what you did accomplished.
  • Some schools offer a home school program but your child can go twice a week to school. This is a nice gentle way of breaking into the school system and requires less aid time.
What are the advantages to homeschooling?
  • More time to pursue social activities like art class, Karate, or music class.
  • More one on one attention than being in a classroom with thirty other children.
  • A more customized education tailored to your child's strengths.
  • Your child can learn at their own pace.
  • Less money spent on gas and lunches.
  • Learning in the comfort of your home.
A link for more information on homeschooling is You might be asking me what did I do?  Well, I declared my child as having a chronic mental health illness for more aid time and sent my child into the public school system.  Why did I do that .... my child had a fear of large groups of people and the best thing for her was to send her on a daily basis to face that fear.  You may ask me why on a daily basis?  Let's say you have a fear of driving in rush hour traffic.  Say you don't drive in rush hour for months or even years and then have to drive in rush hour.  You will have to get used to being in rush hour all over again.  You will desensitize to it and each time you do, you will find it easier and easier to drive in rush hour, but you will have to drive and face that fear often not just once in a while.  The same with being in a large crowd.  It is better for my daughter to face her fear and learn to handle social situations a bit everyday than just at a social event like skating or music lessons twice a week. I hope I have given you new insight into your decision and new hope by letting you know that facing that fear everyday will speed up your child's recovering from anxiety and will have success.  For more detailed information on how to parent your anxious child check out The Anxious Child digital magazaine below! [joomag width=700 height=500 title=Theanxiouschild_talkingbacktoworries magazineId=0734182001308852262 backgroundColor=transparent ]

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