Relaxation tips for anxiety

One way of controlling anxiety is through relaxation.   Anxiety will increase at bed time and this is the time to help your child learn relaxation techniques while things are still calm.  There are so many cds out there on the internet today.  I have listed my favorites. Relaxation tips for anxiety         The chanting on this cd is very calming. Teaching your child to blow up balloons while listening is a great start to learning to relax.     relaxation tips for anxiety This cd is just classical music and has nothing to do with babies on the cd.  You can have your child relax while listening by tightening up each body part and then relaxing.  Eg.  tighten up your arms and relax and then your stomach.         relaxation tips for anxiety This cd is a story about a little girl named Judy. As Judy travels along a sparkling path she meets Duchess Dove and give her worries away. This cd teaches children to relax and release their worries.   relaxation tips for anxietyThis cd is for ten and up. It is a hypnosis cd and helps your child to relax and release their worries by a waters edge. This cd creates a deep relaxation and are for bedtime. You can download the cd to your computer and burn your own cd from Brain Playground. Click on cd for link.

I have several digital magazines dealing with relaxation. I do not publish a magazine monthly but special editions that cover specific topics. My articles have beenwritten my myself and other professionals. I feature a product in each magazine that are related to the topic of the magazine. All information comes from years of experience, a psychologist and other professionals. The links are below. If you like my post click my twitter and Facebook buttons.

For just $1.99 a copy you can find more information on relaxation tips for anxiety from my magazine The Anxious Child.  Magazine

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