Anxiety Treatments for Children

The Anxious Child, a digital magazine filled with tips on how to parent the anxious child from professionals in the field.   The three magazines cover the steps I used to help my daughter recover from anxiety and know that they work from experience.  She is living a normal childhood filled with play dates, birthday parties [...]

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Does Anxiety Increase as School Comes to an End!

Yes, it does.  I wanted to touch on that as many parents maybe feeling confused on the sudden increase with anxiety as the school year is coming to an end.  One will wonder how can that be when it is almost over?  One would think it would be opposite.  Well, anxious children are smart and they [...]

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Tips on OCD Excessive Compulsive Disorder

I haven’t blogged in a while. Mainly because I like to blog information that will help you rather than just blog everyday. I have now had a bit of experience dealing with OCD and wanted to share some great resources with you. Let’s look at some of the symptoms of OCD. Checking that something is [...]

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Homeschooling my anxious child?

That is a question that I have gone over in my head many a time! With a child that is anxious and unable to leave your side, it only seems logical to send them to school to foster some independence. But what if you can’t get an aid in the classroom? What if you have [...]

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Preparing for school with an anxious child!

I have published three editions of  The Anxious Child.  You may  wonder what is in The Anxious Child.  Well after you read some of the comments left by other readers of my blog, you will know that my magazine is very informative.  My magazines will help you to understand anxiety and how to parent an anxious [...]

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How to prepare your anxious child for school.

School will be starting in a month and now is the time to start teaching your child how to relax.  Anxiety will increase at bed time and this is the time to help your child learn relaxation techniques while things are still calm.  There are so many cds out there on the internet today.  I [...]

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My Anxious Child will not fully toilet train

Toilet training can be difficult at the best of times but toilet training an anxious child can be very frustrating and at times one can find oneself not understanding why or what is happening. I have selected a video on how to potty train so that you are starting off on the right foot and then [...]

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Does Omega3 help with anxiety?

 httpv:// Research now shows that taking Omega 3 Fatty Acids can decrease anxiety and depression. I did notice an improvement in my children’s anxiety when I gave them the pills. Unfortunately, more reports came out stating that if you are not using a pure form of fish oil pill, it can be unhealthy for children [...]

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Preparing your child for Kindergarten

I have read lots of articles on this topic and have noticed that how to use systematic desensitization has not been gone over. Systematic desensitization is when you slowly get use to your environment. We all get use the barking dog next door over time and don’t hear it as much as when the neighbours first [...]

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Bathroom Anxiety – Is running to the bathroom making your child late for school?

Is your little one running to the bathroom 5 or more times for a bowel movement in the morning? It is sad to watch a child go through such torment. You have caught it early enough to help your child navigate his way through this and hopefully put it behind himself. The brain is sending [...]

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